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End of Lockdown-3 and we're still here, having moved on (a little) in the intervening period. New cheeses, new suppliers, new customers, new markets - so much to look forward to as we emerge, bleary-eyed into the new post-Covid Spring - and much to be thankful for!


Our Values

Quality cheese at affordable prices

So, why cheese?

This is the question many people still ask me. It's a fair question, as it seems an odd diversion after 40 years in IT.  Well, the only way I can really answer that one, other than to say maybe it was the formative memories of gloriously golden cheddar cheese sandwiches in my school lunch or slices of white, crumbly Wensleydale topping the thick slabs of Christmas cake (it's a Yorkshire thing!) is that I've always loved GOOD cheese.

A sustainable and responsible mindset

With society rapidly reducing the amount of meat consumed, and with an ever-growing demand for better quality products, CheeseMungers brings you some of the best British and Irish cheeses that these islands have to offer. Reducing the distance the cheeses travel is not only good for the planet, but it means that your cheese will be fresher and tastier than ever. Furthermore, in our quest to be as "planet-conscious" as we can be, all our packaging is recyclable and we operate a "Just-in-Time" ordering policy to try and minimise waste.

Quality cheese for a discerning public

We've tried to source as locally as possible, not just because it's important to reduce our carbon footprint, but mainly because there are some stunningly good cheeses to be found locally - whether it's a award-winning Barkham Blue from Wokingham or the fresh and tangy Sinodun Hill goat's cheese, from the hills of South Oxfordshire.

And moving forward ...

The number of cheeses is slowly growing, as is the range. I'm looking at some Dutch-type cheeses from the Hants/Berks border, so please keep coming back to see what's new.

... See you all soon!

Our Partners

I couldn't bring all these amazing comestibles to you without the care and dedication of our artisan cheese makers (not forgetting their cows, sheep and goats!) as well as our wholesale partners who take the strain of delivery to the door


CheeseMungers of Windsor Purveyors of interesting cheeses


71 Bourne Avenue, Windsor SL4 3JR, United Kingdom


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